Hansa Freehavens

An infinite changing horizon…

Agenda 2007

Workshops and projects connecting artists, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and inventors of several Northern European cities.
2008: temporary claim of several free havens in a collective manifestation.


  • Last june 15-16th the first meeting, brainstorm and the kick-off of several projects took place at KuBaSta in Hamburg. Check the tab “content” for reports and impressions.   
  • August 31st - Sept 2nd the second workshop and presentation in Groningen.
    Agenda asap @ the content page. Suggestions welcome at the forum topic: agenda Groningen.
  • October 2007 – Third workshop in Tallinn. More details follow.


  • August 2007 Lunching Cities: building an urban teleport. New media specialists and architects design a hybrid environment; the conjunction of virtual and urban space. Is this concept usefull within the context of the Freehaven? An experiment with a hybrid lunchroom in Groningen, Hamburg and Tallinn will be developed during the festival at Medialab Tallinn and the Freehaven workshop in Groningen.
  • September - October 2007 - Hansa Harmonics: composing a symphony of cities on film. Composers and filmmakers from Groningen, Hamburg and Tallinn create a cinematic symphony. 
  • End of 2007 - Click: constructing & connecting the city. Designers working in innovative industries use their specific expertise to re-design the city as a thinking machine. Their contributions will be compiled in a documentary called “Click” shown in Groningen, Hamburg and Tallinn.